Ulvön Island, High Coast of Sweden

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Ulvön Island

Let us guide you to Ulvö Island. Located in the outskirts of the High Coast archipelago, people have been fishing since the middle of the 16th century. Today you will still experience this tradition as you walk around the fishing sheds and enjoy the local specialities at Ulvön. Let us guide you to the right places.

Ulvön is the largest and most visited island in the High Coast. Actually Ulvön is two islands, the northern and the southern island. Of the two islands the Northern Ulvön is by far the most visited and here you find several fishing villages of which Ulvön Harbour (Ulvön Hamn) is the largest.

Ulvön in the High Coast – a settlement for fishermen

Fishing has been the major industry here since the middle of the 16th century when fishermen from Gävle came here for the Baltic Herring. In the protection from the strong winds, they built a harbour and settled at several locations around the island. The largest villages apart from Ulvön Harbour are Sandviken, Norrby nand Fjären.

Meet the locals during the Ulvön Days. 

Ulvön Harbour – this is where it happens

Ulvön Harbour is the main place to visit on the island. In this beautiful archipelago setting you find restaurangs, hotel, small stores and plenty of beautiful buildings. During the summer many events takes place – the midsummer celebration, Ulvöregattan, the Ulvön Day and the premiere of Surströmming (Fermented Herring) is not to be missed.

What to do at Ulvön – the pearl of the High Coast

If you stay for the day, make sure you head up Lotsberget, visit the old chapel and enjoy lunch at any of the restaurants by the waterfront. If you stay longer, why not rent a bike and exlpore Sandviken and the villages on the way.

If you arrive with your own boat, why not take a bath at one of the many bays or visit Marviksgrunnan.

Welcome to Ulvön!