Fremented Herring

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A) Fermented Herring

Fermented herring is a smelly High Coast speciality. Every year on the third Thursday in August, Swedes gather with friends and family to celebrate the start of the season for fermented Baltic herring. Or, as it is called in Swedish – surströmming.

Fermented Herring – A smelly speciality

Fermented herring is known for its distinct odour. Often people are divided into two groups – those who love it and those who hate it. So while some peoples taste buds go crazy, other people pinch their nose at the mere thought of Fermented Herring

Fermented Herring – A long tradition

The tradition of fermented herring goes several centuries back in time. Due to the ice-covered waters the fish could only be cought during a few short – hence fermenting became an ecomomical and smart preservation method to enable High Coast people to eat fish all year round.

Fermented Herring – The Tradition lives on

Today the tradition of fermenting herring lives on and is has become so popular that a special Academy and even a museum have been dedicated to the dish.

Fermented Herring – How is it made?

During late spring, the herring is caught. The herring is then placed in a salt mixture in wooden barrels for several days. It is then moved into the sun, which shines almost around the clock in the High Coast during summer, for a few months to ferment. After that it is packed and shipped to stores in small tins.