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Skule Mountain

The Skule Mountain (Skuleberget) is seen as the crown of the High Coast and a great place to base your High Coast visit. This unique combination of  mountains, sea and forest can not be matched anywhere in the world.


Once upon a time the legendary Skule Mountain frightened generations of people by its stories about goblins and thieves.Today the mountain has turned into an adventure centre offering you hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing, great food and much much more.

Skule Mountain for the adventurer

-Hike up mount Skule and be rewarded by amazing views of the High Coast
- Climb the white, yellow, red or black route on Via Ferrata.
- Enjoy good food and breathtaking views at the Top Cabin.
- Rent a kayak and set out on the Baltic Sea.

Skule Mountain for the pleasure seeker

- Take the scenic lift ride up Skule Mountain.
- Hike the yellow or red route at the top of the Mountain.
- Bring a book and find your own spot. Relax and enjoy the view.
- Enjoy the breathtaking views, a glass of wine and great food at the Top Cabin.

Skule Mountain for the family

- Visit Naturum and learn more about the geological phenomenas.
- Take the lift to the top of Skule Mountain and hike around the top.
- Climb the white route on Via Ferrata.
- Finish the day with some waffles at the Top Cabin.

Information about Skule Mountain in Swedish

Skuleberget i anses vara den bästa sevärdigheten i Höga Kusten. Klicka på denna länk för information om Skuleberget på Svenska:
Att göra på Skuleberget i Höga Kusten>>