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Tourism in Örnsköldsvik is growing fast. And no wonder. Örnsköldsvik is perfectly located for a visit in the northern part of theHighCoast.
      Visit Örnsköldsvik and enjoy the inner harbour, the Paradise Fun Park & Spa or just browse the streets enjoying the beauty of this coastal town. 

Örnsköldsvik – Tourist Guide

Örnsköldsvik is well worth a visit on your High Coast holiday. Once a very industrial town Örnsköldsvik has now been developed with shopping-malls and an improved inner harbour. At the same time the number of sport and cultural events has been growing every year. Below we have listed what to see in Örnsköldsvik.

Best of Örnsköldsvik – the city in the High Coast

The Inner Harbour. Relax with an ice-cream under the sun or come down later during the evening for a nice dinner by the sea.
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Shopping. Wander through Örnsköldsvik and discover the history of the Town, the cafes, the small charming shops and the large department stores in Örnsköldsvik.
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The Paradise. This water fun park and spa offers something for both the families looking for a fun day out and the adults looking for a relaxed time in Örnsköldsvik and the High Coast.
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Fjällräven Outlet. Visit Swedens largest outdoor store. More than 2 000 square meeters filled with bargains just south of Örnsköldsvik.
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MoDo Hockey. Peter Forsberg, Markus Näslund and the Sedin Twins. These are just a few of MoDo ice-hockey players that later became world famous ice-hockey players. Visit Fjällräven Center and take part of Ice-Hockey History that has made Örnsköldsvik famous.
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Museum and Art Gallery. Here you find a large collection of national and international exhibitions on both history and art. Also look out for the seasonal events. Some of the recent events have been “Andy Warhole” and “Star Wars”.

Arken Library. Relax at one of the most modern librarys in Sweden.

Welcome to visit Örnsköldsvik

Hope this guide has helped you to organize your visit to Örnsköldsvik.